The 6th Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2016

June 12th to July 17th 2016

Many of the 6th Peking to Paris Motor Challenge participants will be recording their preparations and adventures on their own websites, blogs and social media pages. Let the Rally Office know if you have a publicly accessible website about your Peking to Paris adventure.

  • #56 - 1954 Bristol 403

    The first Bristol to participate on the Peking to Paris. Paul Hickman and Sebastian Gross are a couple of Australian expat Yorkshiremen taking up the challenge.

  • #97 - 1968 AMC AMX

    Experienced rally veterans Jim Valentine and Jonathan Lodge have restored and prepared an original 1968 AMC for their Peking to Paris adventure.

  • #67 - 1966 Alfa Giulia

    2016 is Roberto’s third Peking to Paris after 1997 & 2007. He and Maria-Rita plan daily updates of their adventures, mishaps, anxieties and satisfactions.

  • #30 - 1936 Buick 40c

    Since committing to Peking Paris this Buick team has been seen on the Flying Scotsman and Alpine Trial events in 2015 as part of their preparations.

  • #32 - 1939 Ford Model 62

    In January 2014, after probably too much beer, the idea of taking part in a classic car rally developed so why not go for the longest and most well-known rally…

  • #104 - 1972 Datsun 240Z 

    USA crew Tjerk and Christopher Bury began their 240Z car build in June 2014. Find lots of pictures and more in their Peking to Paris Facebook.

  • #46 - 1940 Chevrolet Coupe

    Miami residents Guido Balocco and Eduardo Beiner, are gearing up for Peking to Paris 2016 and say they’ll keep pushing forward day in and day out.

  • #64 - 1965 Volvo 122

    Follow Amy Amazon and historic rally competitors Claudine Bloom and Andrew Twort on Peking to Paris 2016 via their website and Facebook.

  • #84 - 1974 BMW 518

    Another one of those teams whose plans were decided among friends in a bar. Italians Angelo Cavalli & Gianni Gentile are ready to join Peking to Paris 2016.

  • #110 - 1974 Leyland P76

    Twice Peking to Paris winners Gerry Crown and Matt Bryson are a crew to watch. Read their blog to learn about them and their amazing P76 Leyland.

  • #29 - 1937 Ford Coupe

    Scott Tucker and David Stuart are two Californians who are complete novices to the Rally format, so why not start at the top. Let's see what Murphy throws their way.

  • #92 - 1959 Jaguar MkII

    From an innocent question over dinner but without rally experiance Matt Watson and  Doug Atherley are off to cross the Gobi Desert in a 57- year old Jaguar.

  • #18 - 1930 Ford Model A

    After competing in the 2013 outing, Rod Wade is taking on the world’s greatest motoring challenge once again. This time his co-driver is Austen Ritchie.

  • #100 - 1969 Mercedes 280

    After a chance 2013 hotel room TV viewing of a BBC Peking Paris 2013 documentary rally-rookies Tom Van Den Berg and Femke Schepers began their journey.

  • #59 - 1960 Morgan Plus 4

    First for Bjørn Schage and Trond Brathen came the idea to drive a Morgan. After securing a place on the entry list the hunt for a suitable car began.

  • #105 - 1973 Datsun 240Z

    This is Mark Pickering's 240Z. Mark and Dave Boddy, tell some history of the car and their preparations for Peking to Paris 2016 in Dave’s blog.

  • #2 - 1917  La France 

    After 2013, Ingo Strolz and Werner Gassner are back again to take on the Peking Paris Rally with their 1917 American La France Tourer Speedster.

  • #70 - 1968 Volvo 122S

    Jo and Heather Worth's  Volvo Amazon adventures continue. After conquering The Road to Mandalay this determined pair are back for more on Peking to Paris.

  • #101 -  1970 Ford Mustang

    Among the important objectives for Rob Garnsworthy and John Teasdale is to “have dinner each night” because it will mean the car is ok!!

  • #28 -  1934 Hudson

    Colin Smith & Hernan Zanghellini 's extraordinary adventure driving a 1934 Hudson Terraplane from Peking to Paris in 35 days… hopefully.

  • #94 - 1966 Mercedes 230 

    Peking Paris 2013 veterans Mick de Haas and Anthony Verloop are back again. Memories of China, Mongolia and Siberia left a big impression on them.

  • #45 - 1939 Dodge Coupe

    Bessy, the Dodge Coupe of Colin and James Weekley has set off on another great adventure. At 77 years old this car is said to love a good challenge.

  • #68 - 1968 Ford Mustang

    The website of Peter Weigelt and Beat Hirs  There are plenty of Mustang pictures and videos on this German language website.

  • #8 - 1927 American Nash

    Lloyd and Treacy Reddington tackled Peking to Paris 2010 in a Rolls Royce Phantom III this time they are back with an American Nash.

  • #27 - 1932 Rockne Six 

    Silver medal winners on P2P 2013 Manuel Dubs and  Robi Huber registered  for P2P 2016 immediately after that event.  Mani also competed on the Road to Mandalay in 2015.

  • #39 - 1939 Chevrolet Coupe

    Bruce Power and Jill Robilliard decided early in 2014 that Peking to Paris 2016 would be a great gap year adventure. One of the first decisions was to choose a car...

  • #7 -  1928 Bentley

    With a 1928 Bentley Supersport – the Green Eagle – and full of passion Helmut Rothenberger  and Michael Schmidt take on the historic Peking to Paris challenge.

  • #1 - American LaFrance

    Steve Trafton and his wife Katherine are ready for Peking to Paris. Steve is a passionate advocate of the motto: “If you’re not moving, you’re standing still.”

  • #99 - 1969 Ford Mustang

    Jill Schmidt-Lindner thought her husband, Gunther, was joking about Peking to Paris. They had no car and no experience but now they’re leaving to drive the adventure of a lifetime.

  • #96 - 1967 Mercedes 250SL

    Isobel and Nicola Mathew have been doing plenty of shopping for things they might need, things they will definitely need and things they hope not to need.

  • #44 - 1939 Chevrolet Coupe

    Philip Lindsten and Charles Cook describe Peking Paris as taking a voyage from East to West, through the wilderness of Asia and Europe in  a 1939 Chevrolet

  • #89 -  1978 Peugeot 504

    Driving a model that was always close to Philip Young's heart... Adrian Hodgson and Mark Bramall have chosen a Peugeot 504 for their Peking to Paris adventure. 

  • #5 - 1923 Vauxhall 23/60

    There can’t be many places that Max and Julie Stephenson's Vauxhall hasn’t been to.  P2P 2016 is the second Peking to Paris adventure for this remarkable car and its intrepid crew.

  • #74 - 1969 Volvo 142

    Follow Kerry Finn and Andrew Webster as they take on the epic journey from Peking to Paris in their 1969 Volvo 142. This is Kerry's second P2P challenge and Andrew’s first ever.

  • #38 -  1939 Plymouth Coupe

    This is the travel blog of António and João Baptista, the Portuguese father and son team taking part in the 6th Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2016.

  • #58 - 1956 Porsche 356A

    Combining a passion for travel and classic cars Jill Kirkpatrick and Tony Connor are taking on the Peking to Paris challenge in their classic Porsche 356A.

  • #72 -  1968 Volvo 123GT

    Richard Allen is planning to blog the adventure when he and his co-driver Graham York take on the 8400 mile, 36 day Peking to Paris adventure in their 1968 Volvo 123

  • #48 - 1940 Pontiac  Coupe

    Scots Andrew Laing and Ian Milne rallied together in the 70’s. Since then they kept their love of motorsport but it’s been a long time since they competed together. 

  • #112 - 1974 Mercedes 450

    Father and son team Murray and Adam Jackson are both car fanatics entering their first endurance rally. We see this as an adventure and a great challenge that we can share together.

  • #31 - 1935 Ford Model A

    Aussie adventurer and ideas man Steve Lambert encourages his wife Ruth to navigate Violette to Paris.... Why not? She can sail and navigate a yacht! What for?

  • #109 - 1973 Mercedes 450SLC

    Alain and Yves Faymonville  have accepted the Peking to Paris challenge and will be driving a Mercedes SLK 450 SLC

  • #51 – 1941 Chevrolet Coupe

    Follow Boomba, the Chevrolet Business Coupe, crewed by Jean Mouret and Vincent Duhamel, as they embark on their first car rally.

  • #65 - 1966 VW Karmann Ghia 

    Patrick and Christine Sommer have driven London to Cape Town and the Road to Mandalay. For P2P their car is now an “Evolution III”. 

  • #23 - 1935 Bentley Derby

    This car is a true ERA veteran. Among others – P2P 1997 & 2007 – Round the World in 2000 and the Road to Mandalay in 2015.

  • #90 - 1955 Lancia B12

    First timers, Bryon Fusini and Stephen Waudby are driving their 1955 Lancia B12 in hopes of finishing this once in a lifetime event and raising funds for charity. Come along for the adventure.

  • #78 – 1972 Ford Capri

    Justin and Kristian Fleming one of the few father and son teams have been planning their Peking to Paris for two years now and can’t wait to get started on the 12th June. 

  • #76 – 1971 Ford Escort

    Nigel Farmer and Stephen Lovell took their Mk1 Ford Escort Mexico for a shakedown on the Sahara Challenge in October 2015… now it’s time for the main event.

  • #61 – 1964 Porsche 356C

    Charbel Habib and co-driver Walid Samaha are the only Lebanese and Arab participants competing In the 36 day Peking to Paris Motor Challenge.

  • #60  -  1971 Alfa Giulia

    Giorgio Schön and Pierre Tonetti, are driving a fully prepared 1971Alfa Giulia… "because we go to win" says Schön who did several Monte Carlo Rallies in the 60’s & 70’s.

  • #6  -  1925 Bentley 3-4½

    Has Bill Cleyndert opted for comfort this time choosing a 1925 open top Bentley for himself and Jacqui Norman instead of his usual ultra rapid Ford Model A?

  • #106  -  1972 Datsun 240Z

    Peter St George and David Gainer have serious intentions for this event. They hope to make it to Paris and they plan to have fun and meet some interesting people on the way. 

  • #86 – 1951 Petersen Bentley

    Here is the blog for Martin Lamb and Martyn driving their Petersen Bentley Speed 6 on Peking to Paris 2016

  • #93 – 1964 Mercedes 230SL

    Nick and Jess Sleep are a father and daughter team with a combined age of 67 which they suspect will be younger than some individual competitiors… Is any team younger?

  • #91 - 1957 Chevrolet 210

    Driving the first 1957 Chevrolet 210 to attempt Peking to Paris, Jeff Urbina and Chris Pike will be enjoying the spacious interior of this classic American icon.

  • #36  -  1938 Fangio Coupe

    Tim Eades and Willie McNickle, part of Team Bodacious Racing, are driving a 1938 Chevrolet Fangio coupe.  The Fangio successfully completed the Sahara Challenge.  

  • #3 – 1926 Bentley 4½

    Peking to Paris 2013, when they used a Mercedes, is just one of many previous events that Keith Ashworth and Norah Ashworth have driven.

  • #22 – 1935 Alvis Silver Eagle

    Richard Bowser and Paul Rivlin are driving an elegant Alvis. It’s their  first time on an ERA rally and they have already learned much about car and driver preparation.

  • #82 – 1973 BMW 2002 Tii

    After two years preparation and car building Ib Sørensen and Mogens Lauritsen are driving their BMW on Peking to Paris 2016.  It's been a long count down.... says their blog.

  • #95 - 1967 Aston Martin DB6

    Follow the blog pages of rally novices James Alexandroff  and  David Jones as they drive Peking to Paris in their 1967 Aston Martin.    




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