Road to Saigon 2018

4 February - 2 March 2018


FEBRUARY 27, 2018

Quy Nhon -  Rest Day

Beach landings

The last rest day of the Rally dawned to the sound of crashing surf and warm wind rattling the parasols on the beach. The crews variously dragged themselves to breakfast and then began to think about the rest of the day. Cars, laundry, relaxation etc.

The sweeps were up and about at 8.00am sharp with their tool boxes opened and their contents primed, ready for action whatever that might have been.

Marco Halter’s, Holley carburettor was been given a once over by Jaimie Turner. There’s a leaky gasket on the accelerator side and they think that the jets need cleaning. Marco also blew out the air filters and took time to tell us that he’s feeling confident and happy but says that he knows it’s not over yet and adds that “we might have to fight all the way”.

He’s never led an ERA rally for this length of time never mind been in with such a chance of winning, so the pressure is on him and the second placed crew of Crown and Bryson know this and will also know how to apply just a little more.

Claudia Englehardt, the Falcon’s ace navigator usually gives the car a good clean on a rest day and today was no different, although she took time out to bring up a welcome tray of coffee to Marco and the Sweeps.

Steve Lambert was dealing with what he thought was “another broken stabiliser bar connector”. Lying under the BMW in the full sun was hot work so he was keen to get this all over and done with as quickly as possible and get back into the pool.

Russell Jordan was peering into the bonnet of his Healey which we learned had snapped its steering column, again. He’s had it welded up twice now but feels that there’s a tight spot somewhere through the range of movement and was looking at a way of freeing it up.

By lunch time the overalls were off the swimming trunks were on and the odd bottle of chilled white wine had appeared. And, with nothing but the sound of the waves, one or two of the Road to Saigon Rally were seen to drift away.

Syd Stelvio



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