Vintage Cape Horn 2013

An epic 6,000 kilometre adventure drive from Buenos Aires to Cape Horn through Argentina and Chile.

Vintage Cape Horn 2013 - The Route


 12th November 2013Car CollectionArgentina 
 13th November 2013Briefing & ScrutineeringArgentina 
 14th November 2013Buenos Aires Argentina 
0115th November 2013RosarioArgentina320
0216th November 2013CordobaArgentina470
0317th November 2013MendozaArgentina630
0418th November 2013Mendoza (Rest Day)Argentina 
0519th November 2013SantiagoChile370
0620th November 2013Santiago (Rest Day)Chile 
0721st November 2013Termas de ChillánChile550
0822nd November 2013PucónChile530
0923rd November 2013BarilocheArgentina420
1024th November 2013Bariloche (Rest Day)Argentina 
1125th November 2013Esquel Argentina390
1226th November 2013CoihaqueChile500
1327th November 2013Los AntiguosArgentina275
1428th November 2013El Calafate (Transit Day)Argentina680
1529th November 2013El Calafate (Rest Day)Argentina 
1630th November 2013Torres Del PaineChile290
171st December 2013Torres Del Paine (Rest Day)Chile 
182nd December 2013Punta ArenasChile360
193rd December 2013Rio GrandeArgentina235
204th December 2013Ushuaia - Finish and Prize Giving DinnerArgentina280


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