The 2nd Trans-America Challenge 2015

7th - 28th June 2015

Day 4 - Quebec City - Rest Day

Rest and be Thankful

Chateau Frontenac, the 'most photographed hotel in the world', was opened in 1893. 

Designed by the architect Bruce Price as part of a series of "château" style hotels for the Canadian Pacific Railway company the chateau sits in a grand location overlooking the St. Lawrence River providing great service, well appointed rooms and lightning fast internet access. At a dizzy 54m high the restaurant in the citadel of the hotel was an excellent place to plan a day off over a leisurely breakfast complete with good coffee and endless pastries.

Obviously there was work to do for some today and that had to be taken care of first. Laundry and running repairs being the most pressing and while the housekeeping department was able to help with the former, the latter came, as usual, under the remit of the ERA sweep crews.

Andy Inskip, Tony Jones and Owen and Jamie Turner spent a subterranean three hours lending a hand in the underground carpark. There wasn’t anything too serious that needed doing as far as we could see but Richard Taylor and Carol Wilson’s Volvo needed the air filter blowing out and the temperature gauge repairing. They then got through yards of Gorilla Tape with Mick de Haas whilst rebuilding his headlamp lens. One of the hotels Valet parking trucks had clipped his car during the night and while spares have been arranged the bodyshop skills of the sweeps proved themselves invaluable once again.

Lunchtime was the natural cut off for car maintenance and most crews set about exploring the streets and city walls of old Quebec, the only fortified city North of Mexico, before tucking into something from one of the many fine cafes which line the streets.

To work up an appetite for dinner the only solution was a walk along the ramparts and take in the views of the river on a fine and sunny afternoon.

Tomorrow we leave Canada as we head to Old Forge in New York State in the USA.

Syd Stelvio



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