The 7th Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2019

June 2nd to July 7th 2019

The 7th Peking to Paris Motor Challenge  -  Enquiries

Demand from prospective participants for the 2019 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge has once again been exceptional. All the available places have now been allocated. Do contact the Rally Office for the current reserve list situation.

The Event Guide is packed with an inevitably brief but essential selection of information to provide an understanding of what lies ahead for prospective entrants before and during the event. The guide should be essential reading especially for any applicants who have not previosly driven the Peking to Paris. 

To find out more please call Annette, Eleonora or any of the Rally Office team, or email us. We'll be happy to answer your questions and offer any guidance you may need.

Contact the Rally Office for more information 
Phone:   +44 (0)1235 831221 
Email:   admin@endurorally.com



 (0) 1235 831221