The Nile Trial 2009

26th January - 9th February 2009

The Nile Trial - Questions

How long is the event in total?

The route in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt is about 4,800 kilometres. Add another 1,100 kms if you drive from Dover to the ferry in Marseilles so the total is about 6,000 Kms or 3,700 if you prefer it in miles.

How do I get to the start?

We all meet up before the boat sails from Marseilles, but you can hook up with others who are driving across France, drive down with the Organisers, or, put your car on a train – some want to try that – and one or two will be using a car transporter from CARS UK who regularly truck cars to the start of events, and then fly down. France is a free run.

Is the ferry across the Mediterranean included?

Yes. We also organise the hotels and most of the meals each evening, one or two evenings leave you to make your own plans but we suggest some local restaurants…

How do I get my car home?

We work closely with CARS UK, a specialised car transport company, who will ship the cars out of Alexandria in Egypt. That’s a cost of £1,500 if you drive there from the finish (allow a day) or £2,000 if you want to just hand over the keys and carnet and let them truck it to the port for you. You then are free to fly home.

What if I break down?

Our sweep-mechanics drive the route in mobile-workshops and are highly experienced in fettling rally cars in the middle of nowhere… the locals are also pretty good at fixing nuts and bolts.

What about the Carnet de Passage?

We are organising a Group Carnet with the RAC Travel Dept for everyone on the event.

Is the competitive part optional?

Yes, nobody is making you do anything – but we have already dialled in lots of time to see the ancient ruins and local sights as you go, that’s part of the appeal of this route. The off-road Time Trial sections are there for those who want the spice of a bit of competition, and there are awards for these sections – you can miss them out if you prefer.

What are the roads like?

We were surprised at the quality of the tarmac, the roads in the main are very good, particularly in Libya.


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