The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2007

May 27 - June 30 2007

The Hyde Park Grand Prix


On their way to catch the boat to China, David Williams, ‘38 Chevy Fangio Coupe driver, and David Ayre, 1907 'Borghese-replica' Itala (right), were among the bunch of Brits airing their lungs for what became a highly informal "Hyde Park Grand Prix". 

Raising the dust under the trees and the bark of the four litre Chevy engine was enough to startle the horses, and two Household Cavalry officers were thrown off their mounts, last seen running across the park in shiny breast-plate and long leather boots to catch their wayward steeds.


But even the police, who rolled up out of curiosity, found themselves cheering the cars on as the adventurers slid between the trees to the amusement of crowds buying their ice creams. 


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