The 3rd Flying Scotsman 2011

Friday 1 April – Sunday 3 April 2011

  • The Route

    Starting from Brooklands, the home of British motor racing since 1907,  the route heads through Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire and crosses over the River Thames into Oxfordshire at Henley, the venue for the famous Regatta...

  • Participants

    A fine mix of Pioneer, and Vintageant motor cars and an even finer mix of crews joined together for this splendid event.

  • Spectator Points

    Places to see the cars during the 2011 Flying Scotsman Rally whci heads from Brooklands to Crewe on Day One, Crewe to Carlisle on Day Two and then on to Edinburgh on Day Three.

  • The Results

    Full leg and final results are available here, including a 60-page detailed results booklet for download.

London to Edinburgh by Vintage Motor-Car

From Brooklands to the Welsh Marches, and on to the Scottish Borders with the finest driving roads of England in between – how special is this?

The Flying Scotsman is exclusively reserved for Vintage and Pre-War cars, with a Category for owners of Veterans, who take on the same long days and the same timing. A number of off-road venues, for timed to the second Time Trials, with visits to stately homes for lunch-stops, adds to the challenge of what is a highly competitive, but highly social, three days of rallying.

The Cars

Anything pre-war, with a pre-war chassis, and a pre-war engine design. Exceptions? We are open to persuasion that an HRG is essentially a pre-war car, and so too is an MG T-Type. If it’s got two leaf springs at the front, then you certainly stand a chance. We want 60 cars, and more importantly, 60 crews with the right attitude – one of the remarkable things about this event is that you are not surrounded by loads of whingers and moaners. And they come from all over the world to join in.

The Crews

The entry-list is invitation only. Crews should note that this is a “press-on-regardless” style of motoring made up of three long days of essentially daylight driving, down remote country roads, with frequent timed sections, tests on private land and checkpoints, all manned by experienced local motor-club marshals. The Flying Scotsman is the only long distance purely for Vintageants and is aimed primarily at those with some experience who enjoy an element of competition.

The principal awards will be the Category and Class cups plus a range of other awards for Best Performances, such as the Best Marque Team. Every crew member reaching Edinburgh within the time schedule will receive a Finishers Award. To enhance the atmosphere of the whole event all crew members are requested to dress in period attire.


The 3rd Flying Scotsman - Event Leaflet

The 3rd Flying Scotsman - Event Regulations


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