The 2nd Flying Scotsman 2010

Friday 12 March – Sunday 14 March 2010


Chris Abrey and Sara Banham have entered a MG WA Tickford that left MG at Abingdon in 1939. It was found in a scrap yard in 1972 by aircraft engineer Peter Beresford who restored it. The car has done numerous rallies, including a Kiwi Tour of NZ and two 4,000km European Tours and a Winter Challenge in the Alps. Chris bought car in July 2009, this will be his first rally in it.

Bill Ainscough is an experienced rally driver whose past events include Peking to Paris 1997, London to Mexico, Monte Carlo Challenge 1991, Mille Miglia 2001/3/4, Cape Town to Kenya and Rally Morroc 2005. Bill's co-driver will be son-in-law Jason Deardon and they will be in a 1937 Speed 25 Alvis.

Gerry Acher - the man who drove an Aston Martin International on the '97 Peking to Paris against all odds - nobody thought he would get out of Mongolia - and also raised a shed load of money for the benefit of Nepalese school children, is back for a second attempt on the Flying Scotsman, in his ex-Peking Aston Martin International. Bruce Young will be navigating.

Kurt Engelhorn and his son-in-law Raul Contreras will be using a 1924 3Ltr Bentley. The same car was used for demonstration runs and press photos for the 1924 Motor Show. Kurt & Raul have previously competed in Tour Britannia, the Mille Miglia and Carrera Pan America. They are also entered on Peking to Paris 2010.

Dr Richard Lisman and Clive Doyle - both from America - are coming in 1937 BMW 328 Roadster. Richard has plenty of previous rally experience including The Winter Trial, Mille Miglia and many others.

Friends Mattia Nocera and Andrea Mandel-Mantello have entered in a 1930 3 litre Chevrolet Tourer bodied by Holden in Australia. Mattia has also entered the same car for Peking to Paris in 2010.

New to the Flying Scotsman for 2010 comes Belgian brothers Filip and David Bourgoo. They are bringing their 1949 Bentley B-Special (pictured right) that was formerly owned by the son of, Le Mans winning Bentley Boy, John Duff.

Nick Jarvis returns for the 2nd edition of the Flying Scotsman with a 1938 Jaguar SS100, Nick was 10th on the 2009 event. Tony and Pauline Mather are returning with their 1930 Type A Invicta.

David Cook and John Topham are coming with a Talbot 105 that was one of three Fox & Nicholl Team Cars that won the Coupe des Alps in 1932. Previous Peking to Paris and Flying Scotsman entrant Franco Lupi is bringing a 1929 Bentley Tourer with Catriona Rings handling the navigation.

Peter Livanos is planning to bring a '34 Alfa Romeo supercharged straight eight 2300.... this rare car famed for its punchy acceleration can out-drag a Bentley off the line.

Two entries have arrived from husband-and-wife rivals, Paul Wignall and Jayne Wignall. Jayne will drive a '32 Sunbeam 20hp Sports two-seater; with Kevin Savage on the clocks, and Paul will drive a '33 Talbot 105 Alpine with Nigel Raeburn.

The first entry came from John Abel and Steve Bradley, in a 1937 Lagonda LG45. John has competed on several longer-distance events. A second Lagonda quickly followed, from Richard Cunningham and James Chancellor. A 1938 4.3 Alvis from Caroline Greenhalgh, and Scott Greenhalgh, the car is being given a final shake-down before Peking Paris. Caroline entered the Nile Trial as her first event, and finished second overall in the pre-war class, and is confident she can give the Lagonda boys a whipping.

A 1937 Talbot 105 Alpine has been entered by David Thomson and Garet Holding – they finished second in class on the first Flying Scotsman. Interest from further afield continues: From Luxembourg, Marc Rollinger is bringing a 1927 Bentley VDP, with Viviane Biel navigating, and from Holland Dirk Lindenbergh and Guido Cantele are also bringing a Bentley. George Howitt and Monique Rombouts from Belgium have entered a 1926 Phantom.

Confirmed Entry List

Pioneer (pre 1925 type cars)
1Nigel Williams(GB) / William I'Anson(GB)1922 - Bugatti Brescia 131500
2Rene Metzelaar(NL) / Theodorus Min(NL)1924 - Sunbeam 14/402200
4Nigel Gray(GB) / Christine Gray(GB)1925 - Vauxhall 30/984200
5Antonius Poelsma(NL) / Rudolf Metzelaar(NL)1915 - Franklin 8M6-304495
6Charles Bishop(GB) / Nellie Bishop(GB)1925 - Vauxhall 30/984250
7Robert Abrey(GB) / Julian Riley(GB)1913 - Chalmers 107500
Vintageant (pre '41) up to 1500cc
10Gerry Acher(GB) / Bruce Young(GB)1932 - Aston Martin New1471
11Alan Beardshaw(GB) / Margaret Beardshaw(GB)1934 - Aston Martin Ulster1495
12Andrew Davies(GB) / Jonathan Davies(GB)1936 - Riley 12/41495
14Phillip Haslam(GB) / Yvonne Haslam(GB)1933 - Aston Martin Le Mans1496
15Bill Ainscough(GB) / Jason Dearden(GB)1927 - Fraser Nash Sports1498
Vintageant (pre '41) up to 2000cc
3Geoff Cook(GB) / Linda Cook(GB)1936 - AC Ace1991
16Ian Fyfe(GB) / Niall Fyfe(GB)1932 - Alvis 12/50 TJ DHC1600
18Bob Meijer(NL) / Daniel Geoghegan(GB)1933 - Riley MPH1750
30Richard Lisman(USA) / Clive Doyle(USA)1937 - BMW 328 Roadster1920
Vintageant (pre '41) up to 3000cc
17Peter Livanos(CH) / Alex Drouliskos(GR)1934 - Alfa Romeo AC Zagato2300
19Christopher Abrey(GB) / Sara Banham(GB)1939 - MG WA Coupe2546
20Paul Wignall(GB) / Nigel Raeburn(GB)1933 - Talbot 105 Alpine2969
21Trina Harley(GB) / Sue Shoosmith(GB)1922 - Bentley 3L Speed Model2996
22David Cook(GB) / John Topham(GB)1932 - Talbot 1052996
47Olaf Pothoven(NL) / Rob van den Berg(NL)1939 - Citroen 15/62867
Vintageant (pre '41) over 3000cc
23Peter Little(GB) / Louise Cartledge(GB)1931 - Bentley 4.54398
24Mattia Nocera(I) / Andrea Mandel-Mantello(HU)1930 - Chevrolet Int. Tourer3179
25Jayne Wignall(GB) / Kevin Savage(GB)1932 - Sunbeam 20hp Sports3317
26David Thomson(GB) / Gareth Holding(GB)1937 - Talbot 105 Alpine3377
27Michael O'Shea(GB) / John Bennett(GB)1938 - Jaguar 3.5 Litre Saloon3500
28Tim Wilkinson(GB) / Julie Wilkinson(GB)1929 - Buick 25X3920
29Charles Graves(GB) / Kit Graves(DK)1937 - Bentley 4¼ Special4250
31Caroline Greenhalgh(GB) / Scott Greenhalgh(GB)1938 - Alvis 4.34300
32Rene Mueller(CH) / Michael Baer(CH)1933 - Lagonda M454453
33Richard Cunningham(GB) / James Chancellor(GB)1934 - Lagonda M454453
34Marco Rollinger(LU) / Joel Rollinger(LU)1927 - Bentley 4½ VDP Tourer4500
35Franco Lupi(CH) / Martin Buri(CH)1929 - Bentley 6½ Tourer6500
36Martin Hunt(GB) / Robert Mannix(GB)1927 - Bentley Le Mans4500
37Gerd Kaut(D) / Giselher Stauzebach(D)1929 - Bentley 4½ Le Mans4500
38Elizabeth Bishop(GB) / Emma Bishop(GB)1930 - Bentley Tourer4500
39George Howitt(GB) / Monique Rombouts(B)1926 - Rolls Royce Phantom I7668
40Alexander Schaufler(A) / Michael Gross(A)1928 - Rolls Royce Sports Phantom7796
41John Abel(GB) / Steve Bradley(GB)1937 - Lagonda LG454500
42Nick Jarvis(GB) / Chris Winter(GB)1938 - Jaguar SS 1003500
43Lothar Rohr(D) / Thomas Pfeiffer(D)1935 - Lagonda LG454553
44Andreas Pohl(D) / Rainer Wolf(D)1928 - Bentley 4½ VDP Tourer4600
45Filip Bourgoo(B) / David Bourgoo(B)1949 - Bentley Special5675
46Detlef Heyer(D) / David Lawson(GB)1928 - Mercedes 630K6240
48Dirk Lindenbergh(NL) / Guido Cantele(I)1928 - Bentley 4.55300
49Hermann Layher(D) / Claus Kobia(D)1929 - Mercedes SSK7065
50Anthony Mather(GB) / Pauline Mather(GB)1930 - Invicta Type A4500
51Paul Carter(GB) / John Bayliss(GB)1936 - Bentley Derby 4¼4250



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