The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2010

September 10th - October 16th, 2010



The Final Day of Preparation…

The car park at the Shangri-La Hotel was filled with 100 rallycars receiving final adjustments today – for just a few, a case of packing a few things down, for most, a day to make final mechanical preparations, including some who needed fairly major surgery.

A La Salle on original 6-volt electrics was in trouble requiring a coil swop, a Lagonda had a clutch change, and perhaps the biggest job of all, major surgery to the axle of car 27, the 1927 Pontiac of Mattia Nocera from Italy, as the torque-tube prop-shaft needed changing…he knew in advance the car was problematical with a worn joint to the axle, and had shipped over a spare, the axle was taken apart at the same time.

Several cars have given concern over vaporisation, refusing to run smoothly in the Chinese sun, Nigel Gambier’s Lagonda had a simple air-lock but it was frustratingly time-consuming to hunt down.  All cars have now passed pre-rally scrutineering checks.

The afternoon was spent in briefings in the hotel, listing to the doctor’s medical preparations and support, how the sweeper-mechanics will back up the event and how the time-keeping works. 

Half the rally put up their hands when asked if the question, “Is this your first timed event?”

We all dine together this evening, and have to check out of the hotel in advance of the dawn start tomorrow morning for the climb out of town up to Badeling and the Great Wall of China… at long last Peking to Paris 2010 will be on the road.



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