The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 1997

September 6 - October 18, 1997

Bulletin 08 - Walking wounded

Monday 15 September     Nagqu to Lhasa     341 kms

South from Nagqu the road improves and crosses a pass below the Nyanchen Tangla range descending through grassland to the thermal power station at Yangbajing. It is then not far to the Lhasa valley with the great Potala Palace looming over the city.

Tuesday 16 September     Rest day in Lhasa

Lhasa is the religious, cultural and economic centre of Tibet. Sightseeing includes the Potala Palace and the Jokhang Temple. Lhasa offers most of the facilities that might be needed for preparations for the hard drive into the Himalayas and a warm, friendly greeting from Tibetans.

We await a detailed report from Lhasa but a few items have emerged from the reports received so far. Despite the conditions, only one more car, the Chevrolet (No 58) has lost its clean sheet on the section here, dropping back to 50th place, with a 1hr 37min penalty. The road conditions were difficult, but not as bad as had been expected.

Reports at this stage suggest that the Acher Aston Martin (No 4), the Weissenbach Rolls-Royce (No 5), the Clark Buick (No 25), the Heller Sunbeam Talbot (No 29) and the Matheson Rolls-Royce (No 42) have been eliminated and at the time this report was received from Lhasa, a further 12 cars had not been seen at this control ahead of the rest day.

We are now running the results, as received, in full, split as two graphics, rather than re-keying them and possibly introducing errors. For information issued at the time control at Lhasa, relating to the first 47 cars, please click hereand for the remainder of the field, please click here.  These results were issued at 20.36 local time in Lhasa on Sept 15th (Monday) which is eight hours ahead of UK time.

These results are scanned from the satellite faxes as received, so we apologise for the quality. We have kept the file sizes down, but they are still quite big and they will take little while to come down: nevertheless, they do make interesting reading...

NB! The rally is staying at the Holiday Inn in Lhasa for Monday and Tuesday: tel 0086 891 683 2221, fax 0086 891 683 5796. Remember local time is eight hours ahead of UK time.

Results at Time Control DD , Lhasa  (part 1)

Results at Time Control DD - Lhasa, (Part 2)


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