London to Dakar 2005

12th - 31st January 2005

Who's taking up the London to Dakar challenge?

 CrewYear - Carcc.
1Nicky Porter(GB) / Malcolm Sinclair(GB)2000 - Mitsubishi Spacestar1299
2Andrew Actman(GB) / Catriona Rings(GB)2000 - Daihatsu Sirion1296
3Alastair Caldwell(GB) / Brian Johnson(GB)1982 - Peugeot 205 Rallye1300
4Paul Merryweather(GB) / Sandra Merryweather(GB)2000 - MG ZR1400
5Stephen Cooper(GB) / Aggie Foster(GB)1998 - Peugeot 2051300
6Felix Wright(GB) / John Hall(GB)2000 - Ford Focus1400
7Robert Belcher(GB) / Jeremy Buckler(GB)2001 - Volkswagen Polo1396
8Kevin Anderson(GB) / Paul Emmerson(GB)1996 - Peugeot 106 Rallye1300
10Adrian Grinsted(GB) / Nick Mason(GB)2000 - Rover 214i1396
11Jim Smith(GB) / Peter Stone(GB)1997 - Vauxhall Astra Sport1400
14Reena Pastakia(GB) / Steve Rutherford(GB)2000 - Volkswagen Polo1390
16Roger Stevens(GB) / Michael Stevens(GB)2002 - Seat Ibiza1400
17John Elphick(GB) / John Banks(GB)2001 - Mazda 323 LXI1324
18Sue Howell(GB) / Molly Falcon(GB)1997 - Peugeot 106 XR1360
19David Palmer(GB) / Jaqueline Palmer(GB)1997 - Landrover Defender 902495
20David Williams(GB) / Keith Whyman(GB)2002 - Dodge Ram 15005700
21Richard Taylor(USA) / Larry Davis(USA)1999 - Isuzu Vehicross3500
22Tony Tak(GB) / Mick Malhotra(GB)1991 - Toyota Hilux2800
23Martin Collins(GB) / Mark Potter(GB)1996 - Nissan Patrol4200
24Colin McGuire(GB) / David Ashcroft(GB)1998 - Landrover Discovery2500
25Colin Metcalfe(GB) / Mark Billinghurst(GB)1972 - Landrover 109 Safari2282
26Tim James(GB) / Gary Salter(GB)1993 - Landrover Discovery2498
27Geoffrey Johnston(N) / Elisabeth Johnston(N)1998 - Landrover 1104600
28Mike Thornton(GB) / Jeffrey Bechtel(USA)2002 - Toyota Landcruiser4500
29Phil Collins(GB) / Lee Collins(GB)1997 - Landrover 1102495
30Lyndon Swann(GB) / David Nadin(GB)1972 - Landrover 109 Truck2286
31Paul Carter(GB) / Sarabel Barquillo(E)1995 - Landrover Defender 902800
32Paul Unwin(GB) / Diane Unwin(NZ)1998 - Landrover Discovery2495
33Jason Heron(GB) / Iain Colwell(GB)1988 - Toyota Hilux2400
35Anna McColl(GB) / Paul Clark(GB)2000 - Landrover Defender 902500
36Mark Dinoulis(GB) / Vaida Zabarauskaite(LT)1996 - Nissan Patrol4200
37Michael Snaith(GB) / Brian Sunderland(GB)1993 - Jeep grand cherokee3960
38Greg Macleod(GB) / Daniel Butler(GB)1996 - Landrover Defender 902500
39Jerry Meek(GB) / Margaret Meek(GB)2004 - Landrover Discovery2495
40Stephen Bright(USA) / Wallace White(USA)1987 - Ford F-350 
41Dominic Manser(GB) / Jeremy Davies(GB)1997 - Jeep Wrangler3960
42Tim Wheatley(GB) / Tony Leach(GB)1995 - Landrover Discovery2495
43Richard Hayward(GB) / Kane Athay(GB)2002 - Landrover Defender 1102495
50Iain Freestone(GB) / Rod Maclean(GB)1969 - Ford Escort 
51Paul Kane(GB) / Mary Ellen Kane(GB)1966 - Ford GT-3504900
52Angus Stamper(GB) / Mark I'Anson(GB)1972 - Mercedes 280 SL2778
53Mark Munne(NL) / Ben Munne(NL)1973 - BMW 2002 T111990
54Simon Chance(GB) / Liz Chance(GB)1974 - Citroen 2CV6602
55Klaus Von Deylen(D) / Maja Von Deylen(D)1985 - Volkswagen Beetle1192
56Allison Cotes(GB) / Peter Cotes(GB)1967 - Lotus Elan S21558
57Tony Manos / Chris Prudden(GB)1969 - Morris Minor1275

The London to Dakar is a must do event for the adventurous and sure enough several crews who caught the adventure bug on previous events through Croatia, Albania, Greece, Tunisia and other remote regions are getting their names down to rally the road to Dakar.

We have received a last-minute rush for entries, with Richard Hayward and Kane Athay entering a Land Rover 110. Bringing a big American tonka-toy is David Williams, who recently won our 3rd Sahara Challenge, who has entered a Dodge Ram pick-up 4x4. Driving a 109" series 3 1972 Landrover will be Lyndon Swann with Dave Nadin co driving. First time doing such an event but Lyndon and Dave are both experienced international drivers. The vehicle was originally used by a missionary in Russia and on it's return to the UK the vehicle was donated to the crew who use it daily while preparing for London Dakar.

Paul and Mary Kane are veterans of long distance rallying and have entered their 1966 Ford Mustang GT 350. Roger and Michael Stevens have returned to the World Cup Rally with the Seat Ibiza 1.4 they campaigned last year.... the car is being shaken-down on the forthcoming Lombard Revival. Making their rallying debut are Jerry and Margaret Meek from Bath in a new 2.4 Land Rover Discovery. Tony Tak is bringing a 1991 Toyota Hi-Lux 2.8. A '96 Land Rover 90 2.5 is the choice of Greg Macleod of Great Dunmow and aircraft engineer Daniel Butler, entering their first-ever rally.

Driving a '95 Land Rover Discovery on his first-ever rally is Tim Wheatley of Farnham and Tony Leach of Haslemere - they are now off on the Chiltern Starter Rally on September 26 to get to grips with navigation & timing. Joining the Land Rovers is a '95 90 Defender, after a nut-and-bolt full restoration by Paul Carter from Golders Green, tackling his first rally.

Felix Wright drove his ford Focus around Tunisia on last year's World Cup Rally and has entered for more Sahara adventures in the same car, navigated by John Hall. Another Rover 214i - with Adrian Grinsted and Nick Mason returning after their top-ten showing last year on the World Cup Rally in Tunisia. Joining the 1400cc hot-hatch category is a Rover 214si with Adam Kaye and Luke Gallagher, on their first event and joining the Classics with a 1960 Mercedes 190SL is Norfolk farmer Angus Stamper, with the highly-experiened Mark I'Anson alongside him - Mark used to be a regular on the Himalayan Rallies 20 years ago so is no stranger to rallies that venture off the beaten track.

Iain Freestone and Rod Maclean have entered a Ford Escort - Iain went well in an Escort Mexico on the Safari last year and is out to win the classics-category. A Morris Minor to Dakar - that's the ambition of Tony Manos, from Linchmere, Surrey. Tony has already crossed the Sahara in the past, once in 1975, and again to Tamanrasset in southern Algeria in 1990. This is his first timed rally, and will be accompanied by Chris Prudden of Upper Hartfield, East Grinstead. The latest Land Rover entry is a '97 110, for Phil and Lee Collins of Southport - this father and son crew are on their first big event. Another first time rally team is Michael Thornton and Jerry Bechtel who have entered a two-year-old Toyota Landcruiser. A '96 4.2 Nissan Patrol has been entered by Martin Collins, a farmer from Hook, Hampshire, and Mark Potter - for their first ever rally.

The July Briefing-Day at Donnington saw more than 80 fill the room for film and slides on the recent route-survey and an in-depth presentation on Sahara Navigation. A number of crews took up the challenge on the spot, including.... Colin McGuire and David Ashcroft who have entered a '97 Land Rover Discovery - their first adventure rally.... Tony Dak and Mick Maltiotra have entered the 4x4 Category, and are now looking for a suitable vehicle.... Sue Howell and Molly Falcon are retired primary school teachers who are fast becoming experienced adventure rally drivers. Sue and Molly will be in the Hot-Hatch division with their Peugeot 106.... John Elphick and John Banks are joining us in their trusty Mazda 323, having driven the same car on the last three World Cup Rallies.... Michael Snaith and Brian Sunderland have entered a Mercedes ML 2.7 in the 4x4 division.... Kevin Anderson and Paul Emmereson have entered a '96 Peugeot 106 Ralllye for their first big event.... Lyndon Swann and David Nadin on their first event are bringing a '72 classic Land Rover 109, obtained from a missionary, the car has spent six hard years in Russia and is now being restored.

Another new entry, for the 4x4 Category: Colin Metcalf and Mark Billinghurst have bought a 1972 Land Rover 109 Safari on the Ebay internet auction for £500.... now they have six months to restore it for next January's London to Dakar.

Mark and Ben Munne from Holland have entered a BMW 2002 two-litre - "rear wheel drive, strong engine, and with high ground clearance the ideal car to win the classics category," says Ben, who have sailed the Atlantic and are not fazed by GPS navigation. Joining the classics category comes a '85 VW Beetle, Mexico-spec, in the experienced hands of long-distance travellers Klaus and Maja von Deylen from Germany, who in the past have driven some extraordinary trips in an NSU RO80. Klaus reckons a light Beetle will be just the ideal bit of kit to crack the Sahara.

Steve Bright from Pennsylvania, is planning to bring a Baja Jeep over for the 4x4 category.... this will be his first competitive rally. Having collected Jeeps for a number of years Steve is taking the plunge to drive the London to Dakar, and will be flying over specially to attend our driver's briefing on July 18. Geoffrey and Elizabeth Spencer are coming from Saltstraumen in Norway where they organise activity holidays. Did you know that the word maelstrom originates from Saltstraumen, home to the worlds strongest tidal stream? Anyway Geoffrey and Elizabeth plan the bring their Land Rover 110 to somewhere a little warmer and drier on the road to Dakar.

Two Land Rover entries arrived on the same day to boost the 4x4 Category: Tim James and Gary Salter are two photographers, who plan to drive a '93 Discovery..... and Reena Pastakia and Steve Rutherford are to bring a Land Rover 90 2.5. Several former competitors are planning to return with our new route to Dakar.... Andy Actman has called to confirm Daihatsu will be supporting his entry with the Sirion 1300 in the hot-hatch category... Catriona Rings will be sorting out the Sirion's navigation.

Hoping to get an MG ZR to Dakar is Paul and Sandra Merryweather, who have bought the ex-Mick Darcey car that finished the World Cup Rally in second-spot on our London to Athens route, and now being re-fettled at the factory. Lord David Steel and Andre Tamas rallied several historic events and now plan an attack on the London to Dakar World Cup Rally, hopefully in the 4x4 category . "We don't want to be considered too old for doing totally off the wall adventures," quips his lordship, "young guns will get a good run for their money - but might have to help us dig now and then."

Dominic Manser and Jeremy Davies are bringing a well-kitted out Jeep Wrangler, and in the classics category, Peter and Ann Cotes are bringing their much-travelled Lotus Elan, which will be Mission Impossible, but surely the lightest car to push when stuck in sand. Here's how to storm the Sahara on the cheap - get an old Toyota pick-up truck. This is the plan of rally newcomer Jason Heron, who has some past off-road experience but never competed on an event before. From Loughborough, he's entered a Toyota Hi-lux with Iain Colwell from Dundee as his co-driver.

A Discovery originally owned by Land Rover has been entered in the 4x4 Category by Paul and Diane Unwin, who finished 6th on the 850-mile MacMillan 4x4 Challenge raising money for cancer relief. Making a return-bid in the hot-hatch Category with a 1400cc Ford Focus is Terry Reynolds and Mike Smith, from Bermuda, who went well on the London-Athens edition we organised a couple of years ago. Their entry arrived at the Rally Office by a Fed Ex courier who was agog at the sight of all the rally-plates on the office wall.

Two new London to Dakar entries from Anna McColl, a past class-winner on the British Rally Championship, partnered by Paul Clark, in a Landrover 2.5TD Defender 90, and Sally and Rory McCarthy, who are hoping to drive in the Classics Category.. Sally and Rory are newcomers to long-distance rallying. More 4x4 Category entries have arrived - David and Jacqui Palmer (read their adventures on the World Cup Rally Tunisia edition, in the May issue of Land Rover Owner International), have entered their Defender. And driving what they consider a real Land Rover will be Terry and Sheila Wright in their '72 army-spec Lightweight.

Simon and Liz Chance are once again bringing their remarkable and trusty Citroen 2CV. With only 600cc, finished 13th overall in Tunisia last year. Perhaps they know that the most detailed book of routes through remote parts of Mauritania was researched in a 2CV. The Land Rover Lightweight of Terry and Sheila Wright raising dust in Tunisia

Nicky Porter and Malcolm Sinclair have entered their trusty Mitsubishi Spacestar 1300 for another crack at the Sahara... and to defend their title, having won the World Cup Rally Tunisia edition last year. Richard Taylor and David Pierce from the USA don't want to miss this one and are leaving their valuable classic Saab at home in favour of an '97 Isuzu Vehicross.

Nominating a Peugeot 205 as a 'possible' choice of car in the hot-hatch category comes an entry from Stephen Cooper and Aggie Foster.

For the 4x4 category we have received an interesting Land Rover entry from Mark Dinoulis, from Blackheath. Mark is bringing Vaida Zabarauskaite from Lithusania as his co-driver. Robert Belcher and Jeremy Buckler have taken part in previous World Cup Rallies. They are bringing their trusty VW Polo 1.4. First entry for the Classics Category comes from Richard Clark and Louisa Banks, in a Porche 356 which they have campaigned on the La Carrera Panamericana no less than five times. 



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