London to Cape Town World Cup Rally 2012

The Long Way Down - Against the Clock

About The London to Cape Town World Cup Rally 2012

  • Background & Build Up

    The London to Cape Town World Cup Rally endeavours to capture the spirit of the long distance World Cup Rallies of the 1970s. The ambition is to revive the kind of rallying last seen on the 1977 London to Sydney marathon.

  • The World Cup Rally Series

    The first World Cup Rally was run in 1970 and was a resounding success and is still talked of as the toughest rally of all time. The winner was a Ford Escort with a 1600cc Cortina push-rod engine, and Ford then produced a special model called the “Escort Mexico”.

  • Technical Information

    There is one General Classification, or leader-board, which will produce an outright winner, with trophies going to each crew member, plus awards for the crews who finish 2nd, and 3rd overall.

  • Africa Pioneers

    The first drive that could qualify as overlanding in Africa was undertaken by a Briton called Robert L. Jefferson. Hard on the heels of the first horseless carriage, he set out in 1907 in nothing more sophisticated than a single-cylinder “dog-cart” Rover.

We will never forget the frisson of anticipation preceding a time trial and we'll always  treasure the camaraderie developed with fellow competitors and the organizational team members...

Lloyd and Treacy Reddington


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