The 2003 Classic Safari Challenge

 A three week marathon drive across the heart of Africa. 


From Rundu

400 kms today.

AFTER all those short days, tackling near on 400 kms today sounds a bit of a toughie. Well, it’s not really, but let’s not spoil a good story with the facts. Most of us are around the pool, another thatched roofed lodge. The pool, and the beer are great.

Some of us went for a river boat trip to see Angola on the opposite bank, but just 24 rally drivers and rally lasses sank the thing - yep, almost drama on the high seas, Swallows and Amazons Ahoy! Anders Wulf, being a regular sailor under the Jolly Roger, told the captain in no uncertain terms that those below decks were up to their knees in water, that Inger was almost at the point of jumping overboard and lugging the thing back to the back, shades of “Africa Queen”, if someone could now volunteer for role of Humphrey Bogart. So, the whole trip was abandoned. A pity really, spotting crocodiles could have added to the list of animal encounters.

Someone else had a rather different sort of animal encounter early in the day. Mick Darcey with Steve Hutchinson hit a kudu, a big beast the size of a cow, that had jumped out of the long grass while they were running at a fair old lick down one of the countless gravel straights. This did Darcey’s head no good at all, apart from giving the MGB a good bashing up, breaking the screen, pulling off the door and denting everything else, before the animal could slide off the bonnet and promptly die.

With our ex-Army paramedic at the next control, things were in hand once more, and Mark Thake was despatched back down the rally route, taking a lift with Paul Merryweather’s Mercedes which promptly did an about-turn. In the event doctor, Bob Mark, was already on the case by the time the Mercedes arrived. A local helped locate a private hospital, for a thorough check up, Peter Banham took over driving the MG, despite no screen, and we hear that the lads will be discharged tonight and will be eager to rejoin us. Phew, that sort of Safari Bash is no fun at all.

There’s a sing-song round the camp fire tonight, with a local group to lead us on, but frankly looking at the amount of beer being consumed in the evening sunshine, a little sing-song will be no difficulty at all…. ex2cept the local choir is bound not to know our ideas for the right wording.

So, a very good night from the MG Team, goodnight from me, and goodnight from him - hic…


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