Rally of the Incas 2016

November 13 - December 9, 2016


NOVEMBER 19, 2016

Bariloche - Rest Day

Rest, Recuperate and Repair

At an altitude of 850 m the Llao Llao hotel is a good place to start our slow acclimatisation process for what’s coming up in the next few weeks and a great place to chill out and appreciate what’s gone before. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, this is a great hotel. It’s place as one of the leading hotels of the world is well deserved.

Last night's dinner was another lavish occasion and many of the crews, thirstier by the day, needed an extra hour in bed before tackling the breakfast banquet and getting on with the business of a rest day. Obviously the cars needed looking at first and down in the carpark under another blue sky we saw all manner of fixing, fettling and cleaning.

Paul Carter and Vincent Fairclough were like many others performing some basic spanner checks with Vincent going the extra mile by poking and pulling at some of the several thousand insects which had met their end in the radiator grill of their Bentley Derby.

Stephen Partridge and Peter Thornton were both looking to repair fractured brake pipes, damage sustained yesterday, but they reckoned would be easily rectified today. The bezel on the speedometer of Brant Parsons Porsche had worked itself loose and, at one point it looked as if the car had swallowed him whole, as he lay head first into the front luggage compartment trying to refit the instrument.

Andrew Long was swapping the air filters around in the engine bay of his MGC GT. Tonight he’s planning on giving them and himself a good long soak in the bath to get rid of the dust. Clemons Lansing was under his car checking and greasing his trusty Mercedes Benz Ponton while wife Agneta tried in vain to clean some of the dust out of her cameras and lenses. One is beyond redemption apparently and a replacement is winging its way to us as we write.

Leon Bothma has had a rattle from one of his wheels for a few days now and this morning he set about trying to isolate the cause. The big old Bentley MKVI, which has been dealing with the rally very well, was having a full brake check thrown in for good measure. Dominique Vananty and Daniel Spadini skipped most of the tests yesterday and came straight to the hotel with their 1966 - Citroen DS21. They’ve got an issue with a gasket which has been causing the cabin to fill with fumes, today the bonnet was up bright and early and we’re all hopeful that they’ll get the problem sorted soon.

Brothers, Chris and Tim Clemons, both experienced Peking to Paris competitors, have had some trouble with their 1952 - Sunbeam Talbot 90 lately.  A half shaft came adrift, followed by a fuel pipe union working itself free and then finally they suffered a puncture. They say that things come in threes so they’re very much hoping that this will be last of their woes.

Philip Noble and David Brown meanwhile have a potentially serious issue with the rear suspension of their 1937 - AC 16/80 Sports. They’re not hopeful of getting it repaired locally which means that for the most part they’ll be taking it easy from now on and missing all of the fun bits although they do expect to make it to the finish.

Away from the car park, the spa was kept busy, the pool was full and the gymnasium was getting a lot of use. Tomorrow morning will come far too soon we think.

Syd Stelvio



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