Road to Saigon 2018

4 February - 2 March 2018


FEBRUARY 8, 2018

George Town - Rest Day

Rest and Repair at the E&0

The Eastern and Oriental hotel serves a good breakfast which was just the thing to set the crews up for whatever they had planned for the day.

Obviously, the cars came first though and most of them were up on their axle stands well before lunch, having their wheels rotated, nipples greased, fluids replenished and brake pads checked.

It’s still early on in the rally so there weren’t any major problems to deal with other than the sad tale of Adrian Hodgson and Mark Bramall who have had to truck their Peugeot to Kuala Lumpur today to see if they can fit a new engine to it. Apparently the old one seized completely yesterday and nothing that the sweeps could do by the side of the road was able to get it going again.

Our old friend and fixer extraordinaire Sia is going with them to see what strings he can pull to get them aback on the road. We hope that we see them back soon, perhaps with a repurposed Toyota engine under the lid.

Marco Halter was in a particularly good mood, he’s never led an ERA rally before and he looks to be thoroughly enjoying it. He and one of his main rivals, Matt Bryson, engaged in some friendly tyre talk in the garage. The tracks we’ve been to, they tell us, have had very coarse surfaces and the rubber is coming off in chunks on both the Ford and the Leyland. Spares are being carried, naturally, but neither of these guys are the sort to lift off to save the tread.

Russel Jordan’s Healey has fully working brakes but they’re squealing to the point of distraction, so Bob Harrod took them off, deglazed them, cleaned the discs and crossed his fingers that this will do the trick.

David Ayre was busy with some basic spanner checks and quietly delved into the oily depths of his Itala with a feeler gauge. From what we’ve seen over the years this partnership is man and machine in perfect harmony.

The delights of George Town are many and after the cars had been sorted there was the whole afternoon to look around this fascinating city on the sea.

Tomorrow the road takes us to Thailand.

Syd Stelvio



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