The Baltic Classic Rally 2017

28 May - 10 June


MAY 31, 2017

Stockholm – Rest Day

Rest days are highly prized on a long distance rally and today was no different.

There’s a chance to sleep a little longer, get the laundry done, catch up with the real world and to fix the car. In an ideal world there’d be a sensible balance of all three and for the most part many crews were lucky enough to achieve this.

Some crews opted to explore Stockholm before booking into the ferry port but not many were in a hurry to leave the environs of the fine Winery Hotel with its coffee machine and high speed internet.

As usual, the entire sweep team, comprising Jamie Turner, Tony Jones, Bob Harrod and Andy Inskip were up bright and early this morning. And, wrapped up against the persistent drizzle were lending a helping spanner wherever it was needed. Thankfully there were no big dramas in the car park but downstairs in the bowels of the hotel a much more precise operation was in progress.

The Bentley Boys were all scrubbed up and were performing delicate transplant surgery on one of their own. Lars Rolner’s half shaft had arrived on an early morning flight and, Bill Cleyndert along with Lars himself, Graham Goodwin and visiting registrar Phil Putnam, set to with mallets and spanners to fit it. The telephone hotline to Vintage Bentley HQ was kept open and, our junior team of mechanical medics were guided through the intricate procedure remotely by the consultant surgeon himself. Since the patient had been prepared for surgery the previous evening the procedure itself was a relatively quick one and soon Bent was in the recovery ward and accepting visitors.

Steven Hardwick busied himself with his faulty windscreen wiper motor as Mike and Lorna Harrison were out chasing a new worm drive for the speedometer. Luckily it’s for a Volvo and in Sweden such a part was fairly easy to source.

Sharlie Goddard and Suzy Harvey had a tense day waiting for their gearbox to arrive which was stuck in airport limbo back in the UK. They’re going to spend another night at the Winery and hopefully receive the parts and have them fitted tomorrow. As with the Rolner Bentley the patient has been prepped for the operation so the next stage of the operation might be a quick one.

The atmosphere down at the docks had a distinct holiday flavour, the route through the archipelago is tight, twisty and spectacular so let's hope the navigator is good with their tulips.

After a good dinner and a restful night on board tomorrow we’ll wake up in Finland.

Syd Stelvio



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