London to Cape Town World Cup Rally 2012

The Long Way Down - Against the Clock


Livingstone, Zambia


Relaxing at Victoria Falls

A bright and warm sunny day greeted competitors as they left Lusaka this morning to pound down an empty tarmac road. Tall grass and Eucalyptus trees line the ribbon of freshly laid bitumen that heads south to Livingstone.

Most crews left early in order to see the Victoria Falls. Some were working late last night in the workshops set up by the Zambia Motorsports Federation. It took nine hours to adapt the Holden of Greg Newton to run Toyota shock absorbers and the work was all done for free! Rachel Vestey's MG radiator looked like it was about to fall out and it was welded up around the front end to reinforce things …also done for no charge.

Quite a few cars left Lusaka today with a much greater chance of reaching Cape Town thanks to the hospitality of the Zambia national motor club.

Tonight we are at the Zambezi Sun hotel, a short walk through the bushes from the Victoria Falls. Most of us have spent the afternoon chilling out, taking in the splendour of the World's largest water-fall, and enjoying each other’s company in the pool bar. A giraffe wandered across the lawn followed by a herd of Zebras …surreal. The band played on, animals ignored us and we gave them the attention they prefer …just a second glance.

A few drivers took to the swimming pool - and why not, it's hot. There is 1,000 kms to be cracked in the day coming up, plus the border into Namibia. The World's oldest desert beckons.


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