London to Cape Town World Cup Rally 2012

The Long Way Down - Against the Clock


Mpika, Zambia


An easy day to Mpika

The eagle eyes out there will have noticed the large MG octagon on the front of Joost Van Cauwenberge’s Porsche 911 in the latest gallery photos. 

The logo was made in Belgium and brought to Nairobi by co-driver Jacques Castelein’s wife. But why?  “Does your wife like MGs?” we asked… "no, it’s nothing like that …it's to show our support for the ladies in MGs".

One of those lady MG teams, Jane and Gill in the Maestro were towed across the Zambia border due to fuel vaporisation but after clicking over to the second, ex Mini van, fuel tank the problem sorted itself and they continue trouble-free.

Rod Taylor and Ian Morgan are back in the running after yesterday's roll out of third position. The Hilux is looking very second-hand with lots of bent panels and plastic sheets taped in to replace broken windows. They are grateful for the rollcage.

In Nairobi Steve Blunt changed from van tyres to the hardest possible Dunlop rally tyres. The change is not proving so reliable as the Subaru has had two slow punctures since making the change.

Francis Tuthill complains he is carrying too much weight. He says it's mostly of the liquid kind which comes in crates. Syd Stelvio is doing his best to lighten the load… he’s often seen drinking a clear fluid from a plastic cup. It's possibly only water.

Tim Wheatley and Dominic Manser in their MG ZR arrived at the overnight with a smashed windscreen after the bonnet whipped up.

Jeff and Sam Robinson have headed straight through to Lusaka in the hope of making an early start with local welding…  a giant slit has opened up right across the floor of the Mercedes 280E where the back seat normally lives. Joining them is the Datsun 240Z of Grant Tromans and Simon Russell.


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