The Trans-America Challenge 2012

7th May - 8th June 2012


Vancouver Rest Day

MAY 28TH, 2012

Rest days are always a special event on a long distance Rally and when you have one in a big city like Vancouver you really do have to make the most of it. 

Cars can be fixed in 'main dealer' type facilities. Laundry can be done properly. Spares and extra clothing can be acquired and, if there's any time left at all then you can leave the world of cars and clocks and maps behind and do something completely different for a few hours. In short you get a bit of "me time".

With last night’s farewell, welcome and prize giving dinner behind us we wake up this morning and find that we're in Vancouver for a whole day, we have a long leisurely breakfast and then we set about dealing with all of the above. The shopping and dining is quite good in Vancouver and the day passed a little too quickly. It also rained most of the day though and because of the associated heavy cloud, the planned float plane sightseeing tour had to be postponed. Maybe we'll have more luck when we're in Alaska. The hotel also has a spa and we spotted one or two members of the Rally soaking away those aches and pains in the jacuzzi.

For those who've just joined us though and are not quite so travel stained there were some important pre Rally procedures to complete. Cars had to be scrutinised for safety and eligibility, documentation had to be signed and the all important ticket to get out of the car park in the morning had to be found.

Kim Bannister and Lee Vincent held a briefing for the newcomers to explain the ins and out of regularities, roadbooks and timing. For some this was pretty old hat and it shouldn't be any problem at all for them to slip back into it. For others it wasn't and we await with interest to see how things develop.

Unfortunately, as well as the scheduled departures of the crews who planned to leave us in Vancouver a couple more cars have had to withdraw from the event. Paul and Sandra Merryweather have had to leave at very short notice as sadly Paul's mother is seriously ill. We wish them well on their flight home.

Also, the crew of the little green MGB, Terry and Sheila Wright have decided to call it a day and not to go any further. Worries over the long term 'health' of the car have forced their hand after the timing chain issues they had last week. Flights home have been booked for tomorrow and Cars UK have arranged to bring the car home. Again we wish them well and hope we see them again soon.

Tomorrow is another day though and at 07:01 we'll be off again to see what British Columbia has to offer. We're heading for Quesnel a drive of some 414 miles.


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