The Trans America Challenge 2018

27 May - 17 June 2018



JUNE 15, 2018

Boise to Bend

The Oregon Trail

An easy exit from Boise, Idaho had the crews delivered to the first Time Control in Vale, Oregon just in time for a mid morning snack. The Starlite Cafe served up gallons of coffee and generous wedges of fruit pie to dozens of grateful rally crews and after an hour had passed it appeared as if a plague of locusts had been and gone, the shelves were empty and the chiller cabinets bare, leading one wag to quip “who ate all the pies”.

There was then an idyllic run to lunch along the Malheur River and over the Drinkwater Pass to the lunch Time Control in the bustling town of Burns where we enjoyed another epicurean extravaganza. There was also plenty of time to take in one or two of the shops along the high street such as the Trading Post, which dealt in all manner of hazardous hardware. Guns, knives, crossbows or slingshots could be traded for Atari Game Boy consoles or clean unused workwear.

The Regularity for the day was in the Ochoco Forest which took the cars on and off a tarmac and gravel track just to the west of Sugarloaf Mountain.

The final Time Control of the day was in Kurt's Country Store in Paulina where we came across Erik van Droogenbroek’s Volvo up on a jack with Tony Jones underneath, looking at the prop shaft bushing.

The hotel for this evening is the Hilton Garden but there was no group dinner this evening as there’s so much local choice within a very short walk from the hotel.

After a pretty relaxed sort of day where there was little to trouble the crews. The leaderboard hasn’t changed, which means that David and Jo Roberts are inching closer to their maiden win whilst Mike and Lorna Harrison along with Jim Gately and Tony Brooks are still looking for ways to grab some time.

Syd Stelvio



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