The Trans America Challenge 2018

27 May - 17 June 2018



JUNE 14, 2018

Park City to Boise

Flat Out


This was our last morning in the high mountains and the drive straight from the hotel door over the Guardsman Pass into Salt Lake City was great way to sign off.

Once we were back on the valley floor we joined the Interstate for a short drive to the Utah Motorsports Campus where there were two tests in quick succession. This modern and well used high speed facility allowed the crews to channel their inner Fangio and also served to give the likes of David and Jo Roberts - and any other speed merchants - a chance to put some more time into the Regularity specialists. Jim Gately and Tony Brooks, as expected put up a good fight but by day’s end the big Cadillac had lost a few more seconds and slipped to third.

Mike and Lorna Harrison who finished up in second place were almost late into the test because of an oil leak on the way out of town but Jaimie Turner and Bob Harrod arrived on the scene just in time to help them hang on to their time slot and eventually move up one rung on the leaderboard.

After the fun on the track, next on the agenda was a Passage Control at the Bonneville Speedway, on the legendary salt flats. After booking in, there was just enough time for a couple of runs up and down the salt crust piste, just as George Eyston, an illustrious resident of East Hendred, had done many years before us.

Lunch, and the Time Control, was in the Copper Kettle in Wendover and immediately afterwards we crossed into Nevada and started the long trek to Boise in Idaho. In  a typically American grid pattern, first we went West and then we went North, through towns such as Jackpot and Hollister where a Time Control brought everyone back together for a quick coffee before we hit the Interstate again and pulled into Boise, the delightful capital of Idaho.

When we arrived, we were met by Brian and Colin Shields, citizens of the Parish and ex-Peking to Paris, and Rally of the Incas competitors. It was good to see them prior to the Himalaya Challenge in October.

The night halt is the Residence Inn and the results published before dinner made for interesting reading. After two weeks of near stalemate, there has been a complete re-ordering of the top three. David and Jo Roberts, who grabbed first place yesterday are still there, but Mike and Lorna Harrison have leapfrogged Jim Gately and Tony Brooks to move into second.

There are three more days to go and a few more miles to cover. It looks like we’re heading for a very close finish.

Syd Stelvio



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