The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2007

May 27 - June 30 2007



Major mechanical overhauls and servicing

Rest day in Yekaterinburg been one of hectic activity as spares have been sought, and workshops hunted down for some major mechanical overhauls and servicing before we hit the road again tomorrow.

For Xavier del Marmol and Catherine Janssens, two new wheels have been sought – from a Russian truck – which fit the Chevrolet, and they are now in the best of health, having had the suspension totally overhauled in Tyumen, where a truck workshop rebuilt them new springs and shock-absorbers, and then refused any suggestion of payment.

We have heard from the crew of Car 63, Hugh Brogan and Paul Stead who split the radiator in Mongolia, have had it repaired, and hope to catch up the event by joining us in time for tomorrow morning’s re-start. The Spurlings seem to have solved their problem of broken springs by using the offer of some Lagonda springs.


A spirit of “make-do and improvise” has been the attitude of the day as we prepare for the next four days that take us to Moscow. 


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