London to Cape Town World Cup Rally 2012

The Long Way Down - Against the Clock


Nairobi, Kenya


Notes from Nairobi

Cars are now arriving at the big thatched awning of the old-colonial Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi. It's hard to believe that one of the worst roads in the whole of Africa is actually the main road to Nairobi.

The Joost Van Cauwenberge Porsche breezed it, as did Andy Actman's Hilux but most of the rally are limping to Nairobi.

The Atherton/Henchoz Volvo reeks of petrol with a split rubber petrol pipe and broken Range Rover engine mounts.  "...otherwise it's a mint condition Volvo" says Richard.

David Spurling, Peugeot 504 arrived happy to be only 40 minutes late describing "130 km of tracks comprising a mix of goat tracks churned up by JCB and vile corrugations."

Stuart Rhys-Williams and Colin McConnell, Nissan Patrol, used a tow rope to pull the BMW X5 of Robert Belcher and Stephen Cooper back onto four wheels after it fell on it's side... The BMW is now on a truck.

The Tomas Prenosil, Lukas Kuttler Porsche 911 is also on a truck.

Jane Edgington and Gill Cotton were the first small car to reach Nairobi. They have a bonnet pin torn out by vibration. Jane said "it's the only thing broken but it's crying out for some service  ...I now know what hell looks like, truly dreadful road  ...it's an amazing car, I just don't know how it got here. There's carnage out there."

Alex Thistlethwayte and David Hiscox, who are running very close to the Dawson Escort, have tweeted that they spent last night camped on the roof of their Datsun 240Z believing that hyenas do not jump.

Late extra…

After a truly remarkable catch-up drive Ben and Mike Dawson drove their Escort Mk2 into the Safari Park Hotel at 23:30. They have driven almost non-stop for 54 hours covering 2500kms from just before the Sudan/Ethiopia border after being stranded for two and a half days with a broken stub axle.

Volvo 144 crew John Bayliss and Paul Carter are hoping to reach Nairobi hotel around midnight. They are among those limping in, after breaking axle tie-rods, ripping brake lines, and losing their shock absorbers.

Underlining just how demanding the conditions have been for the last two days, only 21 cars clocked into the final time-control within their time allowance. Many sick cars are being nursed towards the Safari Park Hotel through the night. Tomorrow's repair-day is going to be hectic.



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