London to Cape Town World Cup Rally 2012

The Long Way Down - Against the Clock


Marsabit, Kenya


Signal from Mars

Petrol supplies have run dry but more is expected at midnight.

While there is a party atmosphere in the campsite beer tent tonight the day’s dramas are not yet over for some.

Cars that have not yet reached Marsabit, ...rescue has been dispatched,  include…

Ralf Weiss & Kurt Schneiders, Mercedes 230E  - have a holed sump.They are trying to fix it with local help and a fibre glass kit, but remain close to the Sololo Junction control point, 170km from Marsabit tonight.

Alex Thistlethwayte & David Hiscox, Datsun 240Z – Have no spare tyres left. They are near the Lonely Tree checkpoint 95kms from Marsabit.

Renger Guliker & Pim ‘t Hart, BMW535 – holed sump for the second time. At 23:00 they are on the move again 65kms from Marsabit .

Jean-Pierre & Mireille Demierre, Peugeot 504 – have broken suspension 47kms from Marsabit.

A few of the problems suffered by others…

Martin & Josephina Aaldering, Volvo PV544 – have broken axle links but limped in to Marsabit at 23:30

Andy Actman & Andy Elcomb, Toyota Hilux – had a puncture.

Jane Edgington & Gill Cotton, MG Maestro – fuel pipe leak - fixed, and accelerator cable tied up with cable ties.

Paul & Diane Unwin, MG ZR – rear shock problems.

Owen Turner & Matt Fowle, MG ZR – burst all the shock absorbers and stopped to fit spares.

Alastair Caldwell & Hayden Burvill, Porsche 912 – changed a shock absorber, but the top mount is also broken.

Paul Carter & John Bayliss, Volvo 144 – two shock absorbers failed.

Nairobi and the prospect of a day off beckons ...we are at the Safari Park Hotel tomorrow night.


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