The 2003 Classic Safari Challenge

 A three week marathon drive across the heart of Africa. 


To Morogoro

You could fry an egg on the Bentley bonnets...

Hot - you could fry an egg on the Bentley bonnets. Well over 100F in old money and that is in the shade, today has been the hottest so far. 

The Rolls Phantom doesn’t like it, coughing and kangarooing down the road. Tom Hayes has axle problems, after a broken spring with a wheel rubbing on the body he has had a basin full of problems. Car 27, the old Mercedes of Hugh and Julie Brogan, is a bothersome beast requiring constant running repairs and is best going nowhere too far from the Sweeps, and Paul Merryweather has diagnosed his problems down to a prop shaft bearing, the “one that normally never fails.”

We ran through a massive nature reserve today, several saw elephants strolling along the side of the road, most of us caught sight of giraffes and baboons. A bit more traffic on the road today, so for once, we were not alone. A good road, but let down by lots of vicious speed bumps on the main road, which gave the Vintageants a fraught time, and caught out one or two of the classics.

Tonight we are in a basic hotel - but clean and friendly with good service, who plan our first curry or Chinese for dinner tonight. That will make a change.



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