London to Cape Town World Cup Rally 2012

The Long Way Down - Against the Clock


Moyale, Kenya


Into God's own rally country

A short easy day - for a change - brought us from Awasa to the Kenyan border at Moyale. Rapid formalities and we were driving what the Chairman of the Kenya Motorsport Federation describes in his letter to us all as "God's Own Rally- country".

God was a word that came quickly to our lips as we hit the giant ruts that took us up the dirt track to the very basic Al-Yusra hotel... no beer, and for 38 drivers the mattress is on the floor - and these are mattresses we bought this afternoon, cost: 600 dollars.

It was an easy day for all except the two Datsun 240Zs. The Tromans & Russell Datsun has been coping with a broken suspension upright after hitting potholes, while the Thistlethwayte & Hiscox's car is having a troubled time with overheating and currently still in Ethiopia making very slow progress towards the border. The border is now closed until tomorrow morning.

Tonight, your reporter Syd Stelvio drove up the road to Mars - after 50kms he turned round. It was a drive twice as hard and three times as rough as the route survey last year. 

Mars is a good name for our finish tomorrow night as the red earth might be "God's own rally country" but the track to Marsabit village is a drive totally alien to most of us.


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