Road to Saigon 2018

4 February - 2 March 2018


FEBRUARY 18, 2018

Chiang Mai Rest Day

Fixing, fettling, cleaning and chilling

The rest days are settling into a pattern now and this one is no different. The sweeps hit the breakfast buffet bright and early, ready for their half day shift of running repairs and the rest of us booked dirty clothes into the laundry and looked at the rest of the ‘to do’ list with dismay.

Some of the crews were up early as well as the sweeps though, getting set for their five minutes of fame in front of the impressive array of film cameras and production staff who have this morning descended en masse upon the rally. Obediently, the Road to Saigon cast list marched into hair and makeup and, whilst it is true that some took longer than others to emerge, we can’t say who.

The cars were prepped as well, many had been freshly washed and waxed and, like a troupe of theatrical grandes dames they commanded centre stage.

Away from the hotel and the car park, there was plenty to see and do in Chiang Mai and, lots of distractions to take the crews away from whatever they want taking away from.

The Old Town for example, was a popular destination with its labyrinth of passages and alleyways with street food and souvenir shops a’ plenty as well as more high tech’ establishments offering cheap dental work and or cosmetic fillers.

There was some serious business to attend to for one of the crews though, Manuel Dubs has a major engine issue and has today set off in search of a solution, although the chances of finding crankshaft, cylinders and piston parts for a Rockne in this part of the world are slim. It’s looking likely that he and Irene will retire the car and are pondering their next move.

Adrian Hodgson is back with us, his Peugeot has a new engine and he’s been joined by Eric Sia for the rest of the trip. They have had an epic odyssey up the peninsula and keen to get stuck in once again. Also, Russell Jordan and Bill Crossan’s Healey has been in town for a few days and looks like it’s back to fighting strength after the issue with the steering in Kanchanaburi.

Tomorrow the wagons roll once again.

Syd Stelvio



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