The 2003 Classic Safari Challenge

 A three week marathon drive across the heart of Africa. 


The Victoria Falls

They did it...

Yes, they did it. Jumped off the Victoria Falls bridge into more than 400ft of fresh air, from the second highest bungie leaps in the world, to within a hair’s breath of the raging waters of the world’s biggest waterfall. 

The bungie jumping competition was quite something and drew a big crowd. See the home page snap of our paramedic, Mark Thake. Hugh Brogan and Kieron Hayes were the only competitors to join in, with Paul Brace of the Organisation.

Also up for a danger-medal, Jill Dangerfield was looking forward to a spot of white-water rafting. To wet your appetite, the hotel has a television in reception showing all the passengers of this giant inflatable raft getting pretty wet, with plenty of waves in the rapids looming larger than the raft itself.

Other highlights of the day: The helicopter ride was pretty stunning, weaving down the gorge skimming the rapids a few feet above the water, giant rock faces on either side…. and the scenery before and after was pretty impressive.

Ray Carr, oldest drive on the event (“listen, I’m even older than Lord Montagu”) took a flight in a Microlight. It was about the size of the top sheet from a king-size bed, with a lawn mower engine strapped to it, but don’t please mention this to Nancy back home as she will be putting a ball and chain round his legs when he gets home.

Others, like the Ferranti’s of Rolls Phantom fame, just walked around the falls, and ended up with a very civilised dinner at the Royal Livingstone hotel, which has its front lawns running down to the Zambezi. Big penalty points awarded to Clerk of the Course Martin Clark for being late for pre-dinner drinks, as due to him, your correspondent missed seeing the sunset drop down behind the river. The steak was of the sort that can be cut with a fork and melts in the mouth, the vegetables crisp, and full of the kind of “just out of the ground” flavour you normally associate with Kenya…. talking of which, the Livingstone was the only place so far that gets close to Hemingway’s, but, naturally, with not quite the same sort of “instant snap” to the service that Hemingway’s used to be brilliant at.

Half way, now, less than 10 days to go, before we hit the Indian Ocean Coast. Memo to Gary at Hemingway’s. This mob have drunk the bar here dry of draft beer, and the staff at one point even had to send out for more gin…. and this was not the first time these drivers have dried out a hotel bar…

The Dunkleys and the rest of the Bentley Boys were going through bottles of red wine when your Spy left the Livingstone Hotel tonight. The cars are in fine fettle, but what state will the crews be in for the early morning start tomorrow morning?



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