The 2003 Classic Safari Challenge

 A three week marathon drive across the heart of Africa. 


The Kazangula Ferry

The Victoria Falls

You simply have to see this. The enormous Victoria Falls, in full flood, really are breathtaking. Tthe sight and sound of the thundering falls is some experience. 

Here we all are, on the banks of the Zambesi, another pleasant hotel, a short walk takes you to one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The tranquility was broken this afternoon by the distinctive sound of an MGB V8. Mick Darcey and Steve Hutchinson have arrived, and although they have lost their Gold Medal, are eager to get stuck in to some rallying again. President of the South African Motor Sports Association, Roger Pearce, arrived with a windscreen under his arm, and the Banhams set to work. The screen was soon sorted but a wiring fault took a little longer. The wiring loom had been trapped in the steering column fixing and liable to cause a serious problem unless they got it sorted.

Other jobs in hand is yet more work on the Ponton six-cylinder Mercedes of the Brogans, which has needed considerable servicing and fettling every day. The axle is the latest to send out worrying groans of protest.

Tomorrow there's a bungy jumping competition, among many other activities, on a day that is supposed to be billed for washing, servicing and resting in the sun. The Diary will be on hand to report the most spectacular jumpers from the falls bridge. Paul Markland will not be one of them - he’s off white-water rafting. Syd has received numerous invitations to high jinks, and starts the day as the Eye in the Sky… we are off to recce the area from a helicopter.

Results? Goodness we have not mentioned results for a while…. there are three leaders on equal-zero-penalty-points, see the results list, but frankly nobody round here seems to be too bothered by what the results list has to say. Perhaps it’s the heat. Roger and Sarah Lucas are up near the front in their Mercedes SL, going particularly well and pretty trouble free…. they rounded up a bunch of drivers this afternoon for a boat trip on the river. (no, not the rapids at the top, the bottom part). Boat trips have not been too successful so far, what with the near sinking of the African Queen back at Rundu (we subsequently learnt that the bows were under water and it most certainly was adopting a seriously looking sinking-mode). However, the Chobe River this morning running past the giant thatched roofs of our overnight lodge at Kasane was too tempting for most of this intrepid bunch, who set off in a small motor cruiser with a top deck that allowed early inspection of any crocodiles. Everyone returned suitably ecstatic. They slipped out into the early-morning mist…. and watched the sun force its way through for the start of the day. And came back for a giant breakfast, suitably impressed with sightings of crocodiles and hippos. Well worth the effort of getting up early, was the verdict of Paul Merryweather.

More sights tomorrow and then, on Thursday, we hit the road for Lusaka, leaving the splendours of the River Zambezi behind us. 


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