The Trans-America Challenge 2012

7th May - 8th June 2012


Memphis Rest Day

MAY 12TH, 2012

Waking up in Memphis after the seemingly all night party on Beale Street several crews made it to the sixth floor parking area to sort out some niggling problems and attend the routine maintenance that is so essential to keeping an old car on the road.

The Auerbach's Chrysler New Yorker needed some help to trace and remedy a minor electrical fault, Andy Inskip fashioned a lens cover for the headlamp of the Bentley of Martin and Olivia Hunt from a mineral water bottle. The Stockwell / Pryor Volvo had some attention for a faulty master cylinder while Ed Howle, tried to sort once and for all the windscreen wiper issue that had dogged his VW Beetle since day one. Looking at the forecast this could be a timely repair.

Keen to embrace as much of the American way of life as possible we thought we'd take in a few trips to the mall. Specifically, and using the American right to bear arms as an excuse we turned up at a gun shop - wearing short sleeve shirts. 

Tommy Bronson’s shop is well known in hunting' and shooting'  circles and the firepower packed behind his counter is nothing short of awesome. From tiny guns for your 'purse' through guns disguised as a wallet to foil a mugger, right up to the proverbial big guns, he had them all. To European eyes this sort of open display of weaponry is alarming but we left in no doubt that it was an integral part of life in these parts.

A large and leisurely lunch at Swanky’s Taco shop set us up for the afternoon and we headed back to the Westin Hotel and Beale Street but the rain has set in once more and this may dampen tonight's revelry.


Tomorrow we cross the Mississippi and enter a new phase of our challenge where we're told that the roads will be flatter and the traffic will be even lighter.


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