Alpine Trial Innovations for 2016

With the opportunities offered by the new Divonne-les-Bains start and responding to competitor feedback, route designer Keith Baud has introduced some exciting changes for the 2016 Alpine Trial.

Tulip Route Book

Designed to ease navigation on the liaison sections and to bring the Alpine Trial more in line with The Flying Scotsman, a turn by turn Tulip Route Book will be provided this year. Map aficionados can relax as the Regularity and Alpine Time Control Sections remain map based as before, providing plenty of challenge and variety over the three day event. The mix of tulips and maps is a proven format on the Flying Scotsman that can only enhance the Vintage driving enjoyment of the Alpine Trial.

Alpine Cups

Winning an Alpine Cup was never meant to be easy and maybe their rarity has caused some to suggest the Alpine Trial is tougher than the Flying Scotsman but interestingly applying the same criteria to last year’s Flying Scotsman the number awarded – at 3% of the entry – would have been almost identical to previous Alpine Trials.  Nevertheless, the bar is eased very slightly for 2016 to see if just a few more of these coveted trophies can be awarded.

Route Variety

The new start at Divonne-les-Bains provides a subtle new character for the first day enjoying the fast sweeping roads of the Jura. While not as high or dramatic as their Alpine counterparts, the Jura roads are perfectly formed for vintage motoring offering an ideal introduction to the challenges to come.

There is no intention to dumb down the Alpine Trial. The aim of the innovations for 2016 is to enhance the pleasure of the event by easing the mundane, while concentrating the joy of vintage motoring in glorious surroundings. Three days packing a varied mix of sweeping French by-ways and remote mountain passes into a 1000km route through the Jura, Chartreuse and Haute-Savoie.

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