The 5th Classic Safari Challenge 2014

1st - 26th  May, 2014

Questions & Answers

Can anyone enter ?

Yes, this route is suitable for both Newcomers and experienced crews. The roads are mostly good smooth tarmac with a few tests on Gravel sections. A simply tulip roadbook, marked in Kilometres (miles also shown) is supplied which is easy to follow, even useful fuel stops are indicated. We give every novice entrant a booklet packed with hints and tips on navigation and every driver, a car preparation book, with full instructions on how to prepare the car specifically for this route. You do not need a Garmin GPS satellite system, but you may bring a GPS if you wish.

What about the Medal sections?

The Medal Sections are optional, we don’t have these every day, only where the route and road conditions permit, you can drive these as often or as little as you like, make your mind up on the day, if you choose to miss out a section then you simply head off to the Hotel. Medals ore presented to the winners at evening meals.


What equipment do I need ?

Simply, a suitable car fitted with a tripmeter such as a Monit or a Halda, a 1.75 Litre fire extinguisher, first Aid kit, 2 x warning triangles, tow rope and an under car mat to catch leaks. You don’t need a competition license, helmets or fancy overalls. Full harness seat belts must be fitted to all cars except Vintageants, although we strongly recommend Vintage cars have a seat belt, and a rollover bar, hoop or full roll cage is strongly recommended for all. The drivers will also need an International Driving License for Swaziland, available from the RAC for £5.50 each. Overseas entrants should apply to their own relevant Motoring Organisation.

What if I break down on the event?

We do expect you to be able to change a wheel, the points, plugs and air filter yourself but we are taking our own mobile mechanical support vehicle complete with two highly skilled mechanics for anything more complicated. Their vast experience will keep you on the road, even if it means working all night. You simply have to bring the spares from the list we issue and they will do the rest!

What about a Carnet de Passage?

The Rally Office will send you the relevant forms to complete for a 10 page carnet, We gather them together and apply for a Group Carnet, which is the cheapest way, you are then asked to pay the fee of £185 for the actual book and a separate fee for the risk. The fee is based on the value of your car which you specify, the lower the vehicle value the lower the actual fee.

What about Shipping?

Cars should be shipped to Dar Es Salaam six weeks before the event start. You can use any shipping agent but we have used CARS UK for our shipping for 15 years, they are efficient and slick and can ship your car from anywhere in the world to the start in Tanzania and home from Cape Town. They handle all customs, insurance, import charges etc, you simply hand over your keys. They personally attend at the port to do the “hustling”. Contact Jeremy Barker: Tel +44(0)1284 850760 or email Jeremy@carseurope.net for a fixed quotation. Cars UK estimate that the whole trip for a car shipped from Europe will be less than £5,000.

What about Visas?

Holders of British Passports only need a Visa for Tanzania and Mozambique which will cost a total of £142.00 per person and takes 5- 7 days to be processed. Non UK entrants should check Visa specialist website www.travcour.com which lists which nationalities require visas for the countries on our route.

What about the compulsory Travel/Medical cover?

The insurance brokers Campbell Irvine Ltd, offer a Travel/Medical insurance policy which covers you for rallying anywhere in the world with full repatriation cover. Full details will be sent to you nearer the start date. You may source your own policy but it must cover Medical repatriation so the ‘Flying Doctor” service can attend to you. We will be taking our own fully qualified Doctor and Nurse on the event, who will supply you will full medical notes , a list of recommended vaccinations and details of the type of first aid kit you need.

Vehicle Insurance?

We buy Third Party vehicle insurance at the borders on your behalf, this is included in the entry fee. If you want to buy Fully Comprehensive cover then you can arrange this with Marcus Atkinson at Hagerty International Ltd. Tel: 08700 420 220 . Marcus or Phil Dunne can arrange cover for any car wherever in the World it is registered. Contact Phil by email pdunne@Hagerty.com

What else do I need to know?

Further information about suitable clothing, currency, fuel availability, Satellite phones, accommodation etc will be sent out to all entrants in regular newsletters. Anything we think you need to know, any forms to fill in are all supplied by us and sent to you. With 12 events in Africa under our belt we know what is needed.

What is not included in the entry fee?

Fuel, Some lunches, Carnet de Passage costs, visa costs, flights, shipping, personal travel insurance.


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