The Classic Safari Challenge 2011

15th August to 6th September 2011


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Safari Diary from Maputo - August 28

We left Inhambane and set off for the 450 kms drive to Maputo. the capital of Mozambique on the coast. On the drive we passed piri piri and cashew nut vendors who line the road with makeshift displays, and entered the city as rush-hour was beginning.

Take away the gridlocked streets, the ramshackle tenament flats and office blocks that look as if they were last given a coat of paint in the 1950s and the look is just like a film set from "Black Hawk Down" of downtown Mogadishu. A big contrast to the anything we have seen before.

Arriving at the Polana Hotel however is very different. Down on the waterside, the collonades, everything is very different, it's old-Colonial, palm trees line the promenade, and the hotel facing the ocean looks more like something from Casablanca, or, the Montevideo water-front scene from the film, The Battle of the River Plate. The hotel is a step back in time, all mahogony, big armchairs, marble floors, supported by rapid service and extensive menus.

It's a day off today so a chance to fettle the cars in the car park, or walk round the corner to the market.

David and Jo Roberts arrived here with their Triumph TR5 on the back of a truck. The truck was small so the second truck-driver had to sit inside the Triumph on the back, which caused consternation at the police checkpoints. Today they hope a wrestling match with local customs officials can unlock parcels sent from the UK to rebuild the rear axle. There is a differential in one, and a wheel-bearing in another, without these items the Triumph surely won't be going much further.

The only other incident yesterday was the fettling of an electrical lead which fell off the starter motor of the Bentley S2 of Andreas Pohl, due to the corrugations on patches of dirt roads, repaired by Rob Kitchen. The rest of the rally all had a good run and most cars arrived at Maputo early.

Our photos of the roadside stalls include battery acid in ordinary water bottles - it makes you think.... you have to hope the labels never come off in the rain.

Overall Results at Maputo - August 28th

NumCrewCarO/A mins
Vintageant (pre 1941 type cars)
3Rudi Friedrichs(D) / Helga Friedrichs(D)Alvis Speed 201
4Martin Egli(CH) / Anne Egli(CH)Lagonda M45 Tourer4
7Michael Wilkinson(AUS) / Anne Wilkinson(AUS)Alvis 4.318
8Xavier del Marmol(B) / Ines Bodmer(CH)Chevrolet Convertible120
5Daniel Schlatter(CH) / Rabia Schlatter(CH)Bentley Open Tourer122
6Daniel Schoch(AUS)Bentley Derby273
2Harry Hickling(AUS) / Catherine Hickling(AUS)MG SA305
1Peter Little(GB) / Susan Little(GB)Bentley 3 Tourer950
Classics (pre 1966 type cars)
20Geoff Dorey(GB) / Jennie Dorey(GB)Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce1
16George Coelho(GB) / Margo O'Brien-Coelho(GB)Volvo 122S2
17Keith Ashworth(GB) / Norah Ashworth(GB)Mercedes 220 Fintail2
15Andreas Pohl(D) / Jacqueline Pohl(D)Bentley S2 DHC123
19Giancarlo Puddu(I) / Agneta Rossi-Landi(I)Volvo PV544156
21David Roberts(GB) / Joanna Roberts(GB)Triumph TR250242
18Jan Van Gemert(NL) / Marion Van Gemert(NL)Ford Mustang368
10Gerhard Weissenbach(D) / Anna Nun(D)Rover LR88660
14Martti Kiikka(SF) / Pirkko Kiikka(SF)Mercedes 230 SLRtd
Classics (post 1966 type cars)
22Jose Romao de Sousa(PT) / Maria Romao De Sousa(PT)Volvo 1422
23John Noble(GB) / Jean Noble(GB)Mercedes 280 SL61
25Manuel Enes(PT) / Alexandra Pombo(PT)Volvo 16461
24Joao Sardoeira(PT) / Joao Sardoeira(PT)Volvo 16473
Others (4 x 4 cars)
31Roger Allen(AUS) / Maggie Gray(AUS)Land Rover Discovery1
29John Horton(USA) / Ginny Horton(USA)Toyota Landcruiser3
30Terry Ward(GB) / Janice Ward(GB)Toyota Landcruiser24
11Marie-Luise Lemberg(D) / Louis & Viktoria Lemberg(D)*Land Rover Defender 11069
28Robert Kitchen(GB) / Gerard Brown(GB)Land Rover Defender 110386
9Jorge Ruiz(CH) / Elvis Fogal(I)Rolls Royce Silver Dawn604



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