The Classic Safari Challenge 2011

15th August to 6th September 2011


Island Paradise:   

Safari Diary from Bazaruto - August 26

You are not going to believe this, but we will give it to you anyway…. This is coming to you from a white sandy beach on our own desert island, with the Indian Ocean lapping at our feet. There is not a cloud in the sky.

This is Indigo Bay on Bazaruto, a small island off the coast of Mozambique, part of an archipelego of islands, a short kayak exercise from nearby Paradise Island. 

This is peace and tranquility, a stunning hotel made up of thatched straw bungalows, good food, plenty to drink, and no shortage of things to do… Xavier del Marmol started his day with a 6:30am trot down the beach on horseback as dawn was rising. 

Others are out whale watching, fishing, golfing… well, I could go on but you get the picture. Palm trees sway gracefully in the sea breeze… the waiters keep bringing silver trays of drinks with instructions not to get too dehydrated. Is it possible out here?

To reach this spot, its 15 minutes by light plane, not everyone was keen on this when they saw Syd Stelvio in the co-pilots seat but all landed with the smoothness that only comes from those who have piloted a Slingsby T21 trainer-glider.

What else is there to report? Breakfast was a table about a hundred yards long, but as its mostly fishy stuff there won't be a gourmet report.

We drove to the airstrip for this ride into one of the most relaxing and beautiful spots on earth from our two nights in Gorongoza national park, where we parked our cars up alongside thatched cabins.

There was a Time Trial out of the park but just about everyone managed to make the target time, despite the dust, and the potholes, the black Volvo Amazon of George Coelho, with Margo driving, was off on all four wheels over the Bailey Bridge. Alas, the light was so poor our resident snapper was unable to bring us any photos.

Good times were posted by Xavier in his Chevy, and Terry Ward in the big Landcruiser, we will be giving out the Medals at tomorrow’s dinner, but as the hotel at Inhambane is a collection of round huts on stilts in the ocean at the end of a wooden causeway, we might have difficultly having enough signal strength to file you a report. 

And, if the drinks trays are anything like this place, we might also have insufficient strength to hit the right keys… its certainly tough going on the Classic Safari.

David and Jo Roberts are here, the TR5 was left at the airstrip after rear axle problems saw the Triumph arrive after being on the end of a rope for several hundred kilometres. 

Xavier’s Chevy had to have the brakes jury rigged to work on three wheels after a stone fractured a copper brake pipe, and Dan Schlatter’s Bentley broke a rear shock absorber mounting… but was back on the road after 20 minutes.

Must go… Gerard Brown wants to go off and paddle his canoe.


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