The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2010

September 10th - October 16th, 2010


The 2010 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge Route

Our route for 2010 drives from China, through Mongolia, then briefly into Russia before turning south west into Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. This is the historic Silk Route where there are days off in such fabled cities as Almaty, and Samarkand.

Day DateWeekdayRouteCountryKms
Day 110th SeptFriPeking to DaihaiChina398
Day 211th SeptSatDaihai to ErenhotChina508
Day 312th SeptSunErenhot to SainshandMongolia214
Day 413th SeptMonSainshand to Ulaan BaatarMongolia432
Day 514th SeptTueUlaan Baatar - Rest Day  
Day 615th SeptWedUlaan Baatar to KharakorinMongolia360
Day 716th SeptThuKharakorin to TariatMongolia327
Day 817th SeptFriTariat to UliastayMongolia336
Day 918th SeptSatUliastay to Teel RiverMongolia253
Day 1019th SeptSunTeel River to KhovdMongolia177
Day 1120th SeptMonKhovd - Rest Day  
Day 1221st SeptTueKhovd to BorderMongolia311
Day 1322nd SeptWedBorder to BelokurikhaRussia581
Day 1423rd SeptThuBelokurikha to SemeyKazakhstan548
Day 1524th SeptFriSemey to UsharalKazakhstan581
Day 1625th SeptSatUsharal to AlmatyKazakhstan552
Day 1726th SeptSunAlmaty - Rest Day  
Day 1827th SeptMonAlmaty - Rest Day  
Day 1928th SeptTueAlmaty to ShymkentKazakhstan734
Day 2029th SeptWedShymkent to TashkentUzbekhistan260
Day 2130th SeptThuTashkent to SamarkandUzbekhistan315
Day 221st OctFriSamarkand - Rest Day  
Day 232nd OctSatSamarkand to TurkmenabatTurkmenistan369
Day 243rd OctSunTurkmenabat to AshgabadTurkmenistan631
Day 254th OctMonAshgabad to GorganIran560
Day 265th OctTueGorgan to RashtIran585
Day 276th OctWedRasht to TabrizIran444
Day 287th OctThuTabriz to ErzurumTurkey606
Day 298th OctFriErzurum to KozakliTurkey728
Day 309th OctSatKozakli to Abant LakeTurkey546
Day 3110th OctSunAbant Lake to Istanbul - Rest Day + Transit320 
Day 3211th OctMonIstanbul to ThessalonikiGreece595
Day 3312th OctTueThessaloniki to IgoumenitsaVia ferry to Ancona414
Day 3413th OctWedAncona to ViareggioItaly434
Day 3514th OctThuViareggio to Aix les BainsFrance607
Day 3615th OctFriAix les Bains to TroyesFrance431
Day 3716th OctSatTroyes to ParisFrance203

Total = 14360 kms (8923 miles)


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